"When I was tasked with finding a summer camp for my 5 year old daughter, Ella, I was a little overwhelmed. I wanted her to have a safe fun filled summer and be surrounded by positive people. I am so happy I found Camp of Acadiana. Knowing that this camp is owned by 5 daycare owners really helped me make my decision!  Each owner has an area of expertise they can bring to the table.  These ladies deal with children and parents daily and are able to bring their personal daycare experiences into the camp to be sure everything is taken care of. 

All of the staff are great and are super friendly.  They have done really well getting to know all of the kids in such a short time.  Ella already says she loves them!

I wanted Ella to have a busy summer and get to experience new and fun things!  I am very impressed with the activities calendar.  These kids are not just sitting in a room all day.  There are multiple field trips weekly and also in house guest.  Not a day goes by that we do not have multiple crafts come home.  This shows me they keep the kids busy and letting their creativity run wild!

One of the best features of  Camp of Acadiana is the constant communication with the parents. We are all busy and they keep us up to date on what is happening. Reminder text about the next day's activities, text when they leave the center and arrive at the field trip destination, text letting us know the kids are having a blast!  I never have to wonder if they are safe or what's going on.

The Parents facebook page is a great way to keep in touch with daily activities!  Multiple times a day they post pictures showing what is going on at the Camp.  Pictures of the kids skating, swimming, enjoying the magic show, at the movies... the list goes on and on.  Even seeing the simple pictures of the kids eating lunch, laughing, and/or coloring can make your day.  It is never easy leaving your children with others and these updates help you leave the worry behind.

I am grateful these wonderful ladies got together and made a safe place for our children to spend their summer!!  Sign me up for next year PLEASE!!"

Thank you,

Ashley Dumesnil

(Ella's mom)

"Toward the end of the school year, I was beginning to stress about where I was going to send my daughter for the summer.  The camp she had attended the past two years was just not the same as it was the first summer she attended....there weren't many field trips, there were very young adults with her all day, and not to mention she was being picked on.  As full-time working parents we needed something full time, a place we trusted, and of course something fun to keep our daughter busy.  Michelle is an active mom at ARCA, where our daughters both attend school, and posted on Facebook about Camp of Acadiana. Knowing how involved Michelle was at ARCA, I knew this would probably be a fun camp for my daughter. I checked out the Camp of Acadiana's website and was overly impressed with the amount of activities and field trips the camp had planned.  I sat my daughter down and didn't even get thru the first month of trips/activities and she was sold!!! The tuition is very reasonable, the kids make a lot of hands on projects, the staff is friendly and trusting, and they are very very organized.  I get text messages when they leave camp to head to their field trip destination and a text when they are heading back, this isn't something most camps offer.  To say I am impressed, is an understatement!  Camp of Acadiana is the place to be! I am so grateful to have found a place for my daughter to be now and in the future"

Lacey Albert

(Madison's mom)

My son loves the amount of field trips Camp of Acadiana takes. I have only allowed my children to stay a few places over the years and have been thoroughly impressed with the safety and care that they provide there. I didn’t have to worry as I left him all day to go to work. He never got bored, and asks me year round when Summer Camp will start again! Great job COA!

Harlie Byers

(Hayden Huval’s mom)

My daughter has attended Camp of Acadiana for the past two summers. She loves making new friends, fun projects and the various field trips. I love that they keep the children engaged and make lasting memories for my daughter.

Brandy Broussard

(Lillian’s Mom)

My daughter, Marin, has attended COA for the past two summers and absolutely loves it! She's bummed when it ends and will ask, at least, weekly during the school year if it is almost time to go back to camp. The staff is always warm and welcoming and genuinely love the kids. The field trips are so much fun but always have great activities when they are onsite at the camp. So many activities and too few days of summer for my girl. My 4-year-old asks all the time when he will get to go to camp with his sissy!

Lauren A. Gaspard, mom to Marin Gaspard